About Us

At Strictly Timepiece we had a crazy idea to launch a company helping everyone complete their look and provide a complement to their garments. Start your Watch collection with us, our products and partnerships are designed and built around our core beliefs in quality and craftsmanship. Each of our watches is a result of the passion of master watchmakers and a desire to innovate, which is reflected in thousands of sketches, hundreds of hours of modeling, and years of development. Strictly Timepiece is fast becoming a leader in affordable quality. This summer we're focusing on a more sleek style, Japanese quartz wristwatches like the Crrju Minimalist wristwatch. The skill of our manufacturer's design lies in finding the balance between artistic creativity and technical possibilities, which is the responsibility of our development engineers. At every hour of every day, Strictly is creating history through its people, places, projects, and Timepieces!

We're constantly updating, growing, working with new suppliers, and launching special promotions. Email our support at any time for all inquiries support@strictlytimepiece.com